I grew up with a needle and thread in my hands. At age five, I worked my first stamped, cross stitched hot pad and have been doing embroidery in some form ever since. When I was a young mother, I wanted to work the alphabet, with examples, for my babies. I could find no kits which struck my fancy, so I took coloring book pictures and charted my own project. That was my first inkling that I could do original projects.

I discovered counted cross stitch in 1975 and was hooked. However, it wasn't until I joined EGA, in 1977, that the world of counted thread opened up for me. Being math oriented, I have found my greatest joy in working counted thread in all its myriad forms. I have progressed from counted cross stitch, which completely covers the linen, to open lacy Hardanger and drawn thread.

Since joining EGA, I have exhibited my projects in chapter, region, and national exhibits. I am EGA certified in counted thread as well as a Master Craftsman. I teach locally, regionally, and nationally and I enjoy sharing my knowledge of the world of counted thread with my students.

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